Jakey Planting Alfalfa I

This is the same field that Jakey had been disking a few days before; on this day Jakey was planting alfalfa seed. He was a bit frustrated because the seed was coming through the machine too quickly - tomorrow I'll post further photos from this series with more detail of the work involved.

Images processed with multiple curves adjustments, fading with 'multiply' and 'overlay' modes, and saturation/desaturation of selected colors. Quite a bit of 'dust busting' due to the extreme circumstances in which these photos were shot! Also exposed some of the shots slightly longer than necessary to create bit of blur.

Sorry about the delays between posts but I'm catching up on stuff now that school is nearly done! Will be posting daily again soon.

Thanks again, everyone! All of your comments, constructive criticism especially, are really wonderful.



I'm a big fan of your photography. So many of your photos are ones that I say to myself.."I wish I had taken that!" Beautiful. I love the lighting in this shot.

Posted by shelley at September 30, 2010 11:40 PM
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