Pennsylvania Turnpike Landscape

These were all taken in the evening along the Pennsylvania Turnpike out near Harrisburg when the skies were obviously churned up and full of natural drama.

(In the previous post I mentioned adding more images of Jakey in the field with the alfalfa -- I'll get back to those soon.)

Post-processing: the usual multiple curves adjustments, fading and blending in 'mutiply' and 'linear light' modes, and saturation/desaturation of selected colors. This was a fun batch to post-process. They didn't require much but the drama of the skies really came out with a little tweaking.

Still catching up on correspondence - if I haven't got back to you yet, I will soon!

Thanks again to everyone!



All your photos are just fabulous! How small the silos and farm look next to the monsterous dark clouds approaching.

Posted by mari at November 12, 2005 1:03 AM

I'm surprised at so few comments on this one. It's slice of life character is outstanding. I assume you were moving when you took it which adds to the moment. Something is about to happen, it seems. Intense shot.

Posted by Bob McCook at March 14, 2007 9:45 AM
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