Church Field I

More shots from the same morning as the last two posts. I'm fascinated by the fog! :)

Post processing: curves adjustments to selected elements, selected color saturation/desaturation.

Thanks as usual to everyone who stops by and to those who comment -- I always appreciate the time and thought it takes to do that!



Unbelievable fog effect. You sure that's real? The light, the diagonal, never saw anything like it! To save space, just imagine 75 "ooooo's" followed by 75 "aaaaaaaaaaah's......maybe more. For me, this kind of image is deceptivly simple and extremely dramatic. Mystical is the word for it.....or maybe "mistical." ?

Now I'm confused, but lovin' it.

Thanks for the myst.

Posted by david tinnon at April 17, 2007 11:58 PM
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