Top of Ganoga Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park

If you're overwhelmed by the waterfalls you're seeing here today, imagine how you'd feel at Ricketts Glen State Park in northeastern Pennsylvania, where there's a gorgeous 7.2 mile hiking trail to see 29 waterfalls, 22 of them named! That's where these shots were taken, and I'd recommend the trip to anyone who's able to hike a fairly difficult, occasionally slippery, rocky and steep trail with a lot of uphill climbing. :)

Really, if you can go, do it! It's fantastically beautiful and thoroughly spiritual -- and I can't really put it into words beyond that.

I made the minor mistake of not paying attention to the names of the falls I was shooting, except for the biggest one, Ganoga Falls, at 94 feet high. I'll go back and get the names one day.

Post-processing: I treat each image individually - no batch processing - so all of these have been post-processed slightly differently. But the basics are the same: curves, selective color saturation and desaturation, some blending and fading in overlay, soft light and multiply modes, sharpening to the luminosity mode at 80/1.8, color balance.

I'm still behind on everything - a month behind on my photos and far worse on my correspondence. If you're reading this and you're still waiting to hear from me on something, send me another email marked 'urgent' and I'll get back to you sooner than later! :)

Thanks, everyone.

-- Kathleen


Its like a very good painting! Wow!

Posted by Oliver at May 10, 2006 10:26 AM

I'm going to Rickett's Glen in October, I first learned about it here. Can one make the hike with a heavy tripod and camera bag? Thanks for the constant inspiration.


Posted by kevin at September 15, 2008 8:26 PM
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