County Line East Road, Looking Southeast

This was a truly beautiful morning - the wind was blowing the tall grass around and those big vaporous clouds were moving quickly, and I stood at this spot for about ten minutes, watching the light as it poured between the clouds, waiting for it to illuminate the patch of red and yellow in the fields below. Nice way to spend ten minutes!

Post-processing: Selective color saturation/desaturation, slight color balancing to bring out more blue in the shadows, multiple curves adjustments, fading through 'soft light' and 'multiply' modes and selective grain for some texture.

If you're interested, my friend and fellow photoblogger Albert posted an interview with me yesterday right here. Thanks again, Albert!

Oh, by the way, if you've left a comment and typed in the "secret number" there, I want to thank you for going along with that program -- it's saving me about two to three hours a week in deleting comment spam from all manner of worldwide weirdos.

Thanks, everyone!



You are a photographer/artist with many gifts: composition, color, drama....I love your work. DV

Posted by donald vish at September 14, 2005 7:42 PM
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