Morning Fog

Two more cloudscapes - both the same day although different sides of the township and definitely different types of weather. There are plenty of thunderstorms in this neck of the woods all summer long - I really want to take photos of them, but I'd need a tripod, and hmmmm... standing in an open field with a metal tripod during a severe thunderstorm sounds a bit dodgy! If anyone's had success shooting thunderstorms without endangering your life tooooo much I'd love to know about it!

Post-processing: Converted to monochrome by using the saturation tool and clicking the 'colorize' option - I think these were set around 43/25 on the top two sliders. Curves adjustments, some fading and blending in 'vivid light' mode and some selective sharpening.



Very Good work, and lovely framing.

Posted by Delson Roche at October 29, 2007 2:30 AM
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