Jakey, Bailey and the Baler

Jakey was out baling hay with his dog, Bailey (a mostly-German Shorthaired Pointer?), who followed him row by row for a good hour, until she got so thirsty that she ran off to a nearby stream to get a drink. I don't think Bailey got her name because she likes to follow the baler around, although Jakey will probably tell me I'm wrong about that, too.

Post-processing: Curves, selective color saturation/de-saturation, some light burning/dodging, added a slight sepia filter which got rid of some blue tones I didn't like.

Thanks for all the really nice comments on the last post. The debate about the chairs is interesting. I have a bunch of other shots without the chairs, from different angles, which are really beautiful, but the chairs kinda made the shot in my opinion. They reminded me that someone had sat in them, enjoyed the view, that people were responsible for that little landing there on the river (otherwise there'd be no mowed grass, for starters), and I love the way they were left, funneling the eye into a vanishing point way down stream. In any case, I love all the different opinions!


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