Forks Township Farm

This is another shot from Forks Township, the place described in the previous entry. This was taken at the top of a hill where the wind was blowing at me from all directions, it seemed. I could barely stand up straight to get the shot! I'd like to go back to this same field in the spring and summer to see how the crops have grown and changed.

Post-processing: Shot with the 5D at 19mm, ISO 100, 1/250s at f/11. Multiple curves adjustments, saturation/desaturation of selected colors, some light blending in 'multiply' mode, light vignetting. To deepen the colours of the sky, I added some black to the blue in the 'selective color' tool.

More thanks for all the good wishes on the Bloggies nomination. You can see all of the wonderful and varied types of blogs that were nominated by clicking right here, including my three friends who were nominated in the "Best Photography in a Weblog" category: Ryan Keberly of The Snowsuit Effort, Rannie Turingan of Photojunkie and Dave Nightingale of Chromasia. Check out the wide world of blogging! You can vote up until January 31st.

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I love this.

Posted by La C. at June 15, 2007 8:07 AM
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