Repairing the Silo Unloader


This photograph was taken a little over a week ago as (who else?) Jakey was repairing and servicing the silo unloader at the Thaler dairy farm. As the silo is filled during the growing season, the unloader sits atop the packed-down silage (the cows' food). When it's time to use the silage, the unloader digs it up and blows it out one of the silo "doors" into a feed chute. From there the silage goes onto a conveyer and into a giant mixer, where it gets blended with other types of feed to produce a "TMR", or a total mixed ration.

This photograph was shot in one of several silos at the farm. It's a concrete stave silo, 20 feet wide and 80 feet high, built around 1978.

Thanks to Gerry for letting us into the silo, and to Jakey for all the info. (Did I get it right this time? Hahahaha...)

Post-processing: Shot with the Canon EOS 5D and the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens at 24mm, ISO 3200, shutter speed 1/30s and aperture f/5. (Next time, tripod...hahahha.)

The Canon 5D allows you to shoot in "RAW+JPEG" format - which means you get a copy of both the RAW file and a camera-processed JPEG file. Although I usually work with RAW files, I've been having fun using the dual mode to create monochrome JPEG copies of the files. I think the 5D handles the monochrome processing really nicely; to me it looks a lot like Neopan 1600 film, which I love. So this image is a 5D-processed monochrome JPEG, although I've used a basic curves adjustment to brighten it a little, and I did some slight color balancing as well.

I think this image looks grainer than it really is because of the cement walls, the coating of dust everywhere and the dust blowing around in the light; it's really not all that grainy on close inspection of the large file. I didn't use any noise reduction software on this, btw.

SPECIAL NOTE: I was shocked (yes, indeed) to find my site was on the front page of today for several hours: I had 4,000 visitors and 27,000 page views in ONE hour! Great for CNN, but my server blew apart under the pressure -- YIKES! So my apologies to anyone who tried to access the site today and got bumped -- thanks for trying again later! I think we're back to normal now (fingers crossed). :)

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