Flour Portrait #1


This photograph was taken this afternoon. I wanted to create some local "atmosphere" for a portrait series I'm working on and I thought it would be interesting to experiment with some flour as the atmospheric agent. It was a beautiful summer afternoon so I thought - what the heck, let's see what happens.

We used a step ladder, a sieve and a bag of flour. One person was on the step ladder shaking the flour through the sieve and one person was below the step ladder being photographed.

Lessons learned: 1) Don't do this on a windy day, or even a lightly breezy day. Airbourne flour travels very quickly, far and wide. 2) Wear clothes AND shoes that you don't care too much about. 3) Make sure you have an air can handy for the camera. 4) Leave the dog indoors. 5) Do not attempt to rinse flour out of your hair with a hose. The flour turns into dough. Shake your dry head thoroughly before rinsing it in water.

I'll have more from this portrait series as I go along.

Post-processing: Shot with the Canon EOS 5D and the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens at 52mm, ISO 200, shutter speed 1/1000s and aperture f/2.8. Converted the RAW file to B&W by using the gradient map, basic curves adjustment for contrast, very light color balancing for tone.

Thank you for visiting (flour-y) Durham Township!



Very good ByW digital conversion, subjet is ok! :-)

Posted by Mariox at May 5, 2007 11:41 PM

I love this frame.

Posted by btezra at October 29, 2007 11:32 AM

Another example of why you are still one of my mostest favoritest photographers!

Posted by Glen Goffin at June 25, 2010 5:51 PM

To jog your memory if you don't read this immediately... I'm the guy who tried (& failed) to assist with the screen resolution at Churchville Photo Club last night. Afterwards I harassed you about images in your house...

I've been skimming the site & it's wonderful stuff. I selected this one to add a comment because of your "it explodes" comment. Yes, suspended dust can explode, but only in a narrow range of conditions, & it needs a spark to ignite. Issac was never in any danger, other than possibly being baked (one of the comments from the audience which you may not have heard.)

Very nice presentation last night, your comments as much the images. I'll be back to look somemore.

Posted by marty golin at February 21, 2012 1:26 PM
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