Puddle Jumping with Morning Glory


We had some early morning river fog this past week and it was pure heaven to shoot in that very special light.

Post-processing: Shot with the Canon EOS 5D and the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L at 17mm, ISO 250, 1/2000s at f/8. Curves adjustments for contrast and saturation, color balancing for tone.

Thank you for visiting Durham Township!



Perfect moment, light-framing-action everything has come together at this fraction of a second and you got it. I'm sure he made a big splash just after the shutter fired.

Posted by Hank at December 25, 2006 10:50 AM

Golden valleys, lightfoot lads.

Posted by Galen at January 20, 2007 7:09 PM

This is a very Henri-Cartier Bresson picture. Nicely done.
You're work is absolutely beautiful and unique.

Posted by Michelle Hernandez at June 30, 2007 11:35 AM

What a splendid photo!

Posted by Andrei at April 19, 2009 8:54 AM

This is brilliant. Love the stillness of the surroundings and the restlessness of a child!

Posted by Animesh at April 27, 2009 9:54 PM
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